Types of Art

Within Reinhardt University’s Art Program, there are various types of art offered. When art majors are seniors, they can showcase and sell these different types of art  that they have learned/ done over the years in the annual art show. If the university likes a particular art piece or photography from a student, it is oftentimes displayed on/ around campus. The different types of art forms offered are

1. Digital Art

This is the newest type of art that allows you to sketch on a computer or tablet. According to statistics, over 79 colleges have the best digital arts program(s) in the United States.  Almost every college/university offers this art form today.


2. Black and White Photography

This is one of the oldest art forms since cameras were invented. Before color, all pictures were in black and white. This art form is still appreciated, and taught here at Reinhardt Universities. There is a dark room where the films for the black and white pictures are developed. The students are taught the art in capturing these pictures, and they look amazing.


3. Sketching

Sketching is one of the basic art forms. In the beginners classes at Reinhardt, the students are asked to draw boxes or draw a room. The students are taught dimensions, and learning this is vital to drawing anything.


4. Oil Painting

I have tried this art form and for a novice, this is hard. It takes a lot of painting and dedication. This class is offered to students who master advanced drawing. I believe painting with water colors is also taught in this course.


5. Ceramics

There is a beginners course as well as an advanced coursed of ceramics/pottery taught at Reinhardt. This art form has been a necessity to people for many generations. Unfortunately, there are no ceramic pieces available for display in the senior art shows.


6. Printmaking

This is simply making artwork by printing. There are nine to eleven different types of printmaking, and the art that is printed is original. The eleven types of printmaking are digital, relief printing, intaglio, drypoint, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, lithography/planography, serigraphy/screen printing, new media and iris print/giclee printing, and print numbering and signing. The types of surfaces or ink that is used is what distinguishes these nine print methods. 3D printing is one of the newest art forms that, I believe, should be taught in university and schools. Through this, entire objects and buildings can be printed.


Intaglio Printmaking

7. Sculpting

I believe that sculpting and ceramics go together, however there is more detail in sculpting. Sculptures can be made from concrete,plaster, wax, wood, dripped paint, latex, clay, human hair ( shocker!), light, and a new one… sound

8. 2D & 3D drawing

2D drawing is flat and focuses on symmetry, like regular sketching. 3D drawing pops out at you. It focuses on depth and space. Examples of 3D drawings include graphic design, animation, architecture, sculpting and metal work.

Alternative photography and mixed media is also a course offered within the art program. Like technology, art is growing and evolving with the times. Knowing about these different art forms and how they can be incorporated in our lives and jobs is profitable as well as exciting.


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