The 2nd Presidential Debate

This Presidential Debate is indeed different from the others, not only because of the candidates, but because of the layout. This debate happened at Washington University and the atmosphere was nurturing towards the needs of the students and citizens present. However, the candidates were extremely defensive towards each other throughout the debate.There is citizen participation in this debate and they are formally introduced.

Like Anderson Cooper said, ” This is a townhall meeting”, the atmosphere was very welcoming and everybody in the audience seemed eager for answers. The first question was from a teacher Patrice Broth that asked ” do you feel that you are modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth”. Hillary Clinton responded with a speech. She basically said ” we are going to respect one another, lift each other up, we are going to be looking for ways to celebrate our diversity.” Trump answered the same question by saying that he agrees with Hillary, then continued his speech.

Both candidates danced around the question but Hillary indirectly answered it. Anderson Cooper repeated the first question to lead to his second question about the released tapes of Donald Trump saying inappropriate things about women. He answered by saying that it was just locker room talk, then he went on to talk about Isis, making America safe again, and making America great again. Hillary answered the same question that Anderson posed towards Trump by saying, ” He is not fit to be president and commander and chief.” She then pointed out some derogatory comments that has been said in his campaign then used that to further explain her campaign.

Trump then wanted to rebut what Clinton said, then interrupted the questioner when she wanted to move on to the online questions. The online question was ” Trump said the campaign has changed him, when did that happen?” Trump answered that question by continuing to say that it was locker room talk and that he is not proud of what he said. ” That was locker room talk,  I am not proud of it, I am a person who has great respect for people, for my family, I am definitely not proud of it.” Hillary answered that question by saying  that the video is a direct representation of who he is, and that he does not apologize for the things he says.

” He never apologizes for anything to anyone, he never apologized to Mr. and Ms. Kahn, the goldstar family whose son Captain Kahn died in the line of duty in Iraq, and Donald insulted and attacked them for weeks over their religion. He never apologized to the distinguished federal judge who was born in Indiana, but Donald said he couldn’t be trusted to be a judge because his parents were [ quote Mexican].He never apologized to the reporter he mimicked and mocked and our children were watching.”- Hillary Clinton

The next questions were about the email scandal that Hillary was involved in. Trump and Clinton went back and forth about it with Clinton defending herself. That was the tone for the rest of the debate.

Clinton and Trump were throwing jabs at each other while defending themselves and their campaigns. The audience were eager for answers and it is uncertain whether they got the answers that they needed.

The final voting day is November 8th. America will then decide who is fit to be the President of the United States.







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