Case Study on Slow-motion Tragedy for American Workers

The Article, Slow- motion tragedy for American workers is a moving case study about how workers in construction sites are exposed with dusts and micro particles that damage their lungs. This story does an excellent job of incorporating various storytelling elements that was taught in integrated media and storytelling. The elements that the story had was lists, a video, chunking, pictures, visual inter actives, charts, block quotes, quotes, social media friendly, captioned pictures, story updates, links,  headings, subheadings, chunking, picture collages, timelines, slideshows, audience participation, emotional appeal, commentary and plenty of expert opinion and data. The only fault I find with this article is that it is a tad long and it did not use maps. In this essay I will explain how this story did perfectly incorporated all of these story elements.

Informative Subheadings

Before you tell a story you have to know your audience. Your story has to have a purpose. Why do you want to tell the story to the audience? Why should the audience care? The subheading of this case study adequately answers these questions. According to Aerogramme Writing Studio’s 50 narrative devices for non-fiction storytellers, you have to always capture your story in a sentence or two max.


Know Your Audience

I believe that the target audience are everyday people as well as the people affected from silicosis, the disease various construction workers get for inhaling dusts and particles. The audience is also OSHA, doctors, the family and friends of the people suffering with this disease, the white house ( President Obama was quoted), various lawmakers and courts, as well as the employers of these construction workers.  The stories purpose is to state how these workers were not protected from these health hazards, as well as state how the dust exposure affects these workers and lead to many diseases. This is an ongoing story about how what actions or lack thereof are affecting these people’s lives.

2016-12-05 (2).png

50 Narrative Devices

There are rules for storytelling of all kinds and this story did a phenomenal job of incorporating those rules.  One of the rules is to tell the truth. This case study told the truth about big organizations that are supposed to be trusted. One of the other advices from Aerogramme writer’s studio is to think about the audience’s emotions. This story did an excellent job of that by telling the story of one man who suffered from the lung disease due to his job. Other characters were connected to him to tell his story, such as the role OSHA and his doctors played. Other people’s stories that suffered similar or worse fate was also told. The end of the case study is the perfect example of utilizing emotional appeal because it told of a young man who suffered the lung disease and in his last days he coughed up blood and vomited, when he passed on his mother would wake up from her sleep and remember that her once ailing son was no longer with her. This emotional appeal helps reiterate the cause that better preventative measures need to be provided to these construction workers.

This case study revealed the conflict in this story such as OSHA and the construction sites not providing enough protection for the workers. This story also showed that the statistics of these people dyng were not just numbers, they were people like you and me. This was depicted by showing their pictures ( picture collage) and telling their stories or allowing us to view their stories on a separate link.

The study had me hooked to finding out what happened next because all of the information was not told at once, I had to keep reading to find out exactly what disease the character suffered and how him and people like him were coping with the disease.


The case study is broken up into four parts by informative headings that state what the paragraphs are going to talk about.

Pictures and Captions


Every article should have visual aid of some sort. As soon as you open the case study, you see a picture of construction workers and one of them is in a hospital gown and has an IV bag attached to him. Without even reading the case study, the audience knows or has a clue about what they are about to read. They gain a more deeper insight when they connect that picture to the title and subheading of the case study. The authors utilized captions so that the reader knew exactly how the picture related to the story or at least knew where the picture was from.  The pictures in the story were at relevant places. If the case study was talking about what the President of OSHA said, his picture with a direct quote of what he said would be off to the side with a caption. Having pictures are a huge asset to any story because the reader can better picture the characters of the story and better imagine what the story is about.


According to Kivi’s NonProfit Communications Blog, chunking is breaking down a long article into smaller, manageable , more easily understood blocks of text. For instance, a 2,000 word article can be broken up into 600-700 blocks of texts. This story utilizes this well because the paragraphs were broken down in 100-200 blocks of texts. There were even a break between paragraphs where there was only one sentence and then the next paragraph continued.


This story was interesting but long and I appreciate how there was a list to break down the content at some point in the middle of the article.



This case study was intertwined with numerous other stories so there were links to reference as well as back up what was being said. The lists broke down OSHA’s chemical limit as well as the Center for Public Integrity’s findings.

Timeline and Video

There was a timeline that explained the main character’s story by time frame and it incorporated the full story. There was also a video that explained how dangerous his job was.



Data was extremely vital in this story because it talks about how many people died of these diseases in the work place, the legal chemical exposure limits, and the life expectancy of the victims. These important data and statistics make the story credible.  Data is important in a story because it tells a story through engaging info graphs. According to the data journalism handbook, data can be used to create deeper insights on what is happening around the world and how it affects us. In this story the data further impacted the story by explaining exactly how many millions of people were dying. There was also a lot of expert opinion that was supported by the data  Data is also important to use because you cannot argue with it.


Audience Participation Interactives and Charts

Throughout the case story, it was made known that audience participation is welcome because there are social media buttons by the authors names as well as key findings, meaning you can talk to the authors as well as talk about what they wrote. There were also interactives about some data that was discovered. When something scientific was being discussed, there were charts off to the side that explained them. The reader could also comment on the case study at the bottom.

The fault that I had with this case study is that it was long. It was interesting and informational but it could have been broken down into a series. There could have also been a map to tell where in the United States these victims suffered, perhaps where the headquarters of OSHA is located and exactly where the main character is from. That would have given better insight and personalized the story. Overall this case study was well written and had a lot of storytelling elements that I learned in class


The 2nd Presidential Debate

This Presidential Debate is indeed different from the others, not only because of the candidates, but because of the layout. This debate happened at Washington University and the atmosphere was nurturing towards the needs of the students and citizens present. However, the candidates were extremely defensive towards each other throughout the debate.There is citizen participation in this debate and they are formally introduced.

Like Anderson Cooper said, ” This is a townhall meeting”, the atmosphere was very welcoming and everybody in the audience seemed eager for answers. The first question was from a teacher Patrice Broth that asked ” do you feel that you are modeling appropriate and positive behavior for today’s youth”. Hillary Clinton responded with a speech. She basically said ” we are going to respect one another, lift each other up, we are going to be looking for ways to celebrate our diversity.” Trump answered the same question by saying that he agrees with Hillary, then continued his speech.

Both candidates danced around the question but Hillary indirectly answered it. Anderson Cooper repeated the first question to lead to his second question about the released tapes of Donald Trump saying inappropriate things about women. He answered by saying that it was just locker room talk, then he went on to talk about Isis, making America safe again, and making America great again. Hillary answered the same question that Anderson posed towards Trump by saying, ” He is not fit to be president and commander and chief.” She then pointed out some derogatory comments that has been said in his campaign then used that to further explain her campaign.

Trump then wanted to rebut what Clinton said, then interrupted the questioner when she wanted to move on to the online questions. The online question was ” Trump said the campaign has changed him, when did that happen?” Trump answered that question by continuing to say that it was locker room talk and that he is not proud of what he said. ” That was locker room talk,  I am not proud of it, I am a person who has great respect for people, for my family, I am definitely not proud of it.” Hillary answered that question by saying  that the video is a direct representation of who he is, and that he does not apologize for the things he says.

” He never apologizes for anything to anyone, he never apologized to Mr. and Ms. Kahn, the goldstar family whose son Captain Kahn died in the line of duty in Iraq, and Donald insulted and attacked them for weeks over their religion. He never apologized to the distinguished federal judge who was born in Indiana, but Donald said he couldn’t be trusted to be a judge because his parents were [ quote Mexican].He never apologized to the reporter he mimicked and mocked and our children were watching.”- Hillary Clinton

The next questions were about the email scandal that Hillary was involved in. Trump and Clinton went back and forth about it with Clinton defending herself. That was the tone for the rest of the debate.

Clinton and Trump were throwing jabs at each other while defending themselves and their campaigns. The audience were eager for answers and it is uncertain whether they got the answers that they needed.

The final voting day is November 8th. America will then decide who is fit to be the President of the United States.






Viewing art within the Canton/ Reinhardt Community

Art cannot only be enjoyed at Reinhardt, but the community that helps shape Reinhardt as well. I will list three places in Canton where art can be enjoyed

1.The Canton Festival of Art

This is presented by the Cherokee, hosts an annual art festival in Canton, Georgia.There are awards for the best art shows. Live entertainment as well as entertainment for the children are offered.


2. Canton Arts Academy

The Canton Arts Academy offers art, digital art and music classes. If you’re interested in learning as well as appreciating art, you can give this place a visit.

3. The Art Barn 

This farm specializes in ” art, animals, and agriculture” for the children. Children get to see the animals, create art and be themselves.

Charts for storytelling

The population of Canton doubled over the past twenty years. Due to this increase, new buildings have been built such as an office rental space and an old folks home in Waleska. The population of Georgia in general has increased because of the economic opportunities that Georgia has to offer.

This means that the number of visitors of the Funk Heritage Museum has increased. The population at Reinhardt University has increased as well. The expansion of programs are currently taking place, along with the expansion of the school.

The Artwork of Perry Johnson~ The Realist


Image result for art written beautifully

In the Falany Performing Arts Center (FPAC), Perry Johnson’s painting are up for display.  Perry Johnson is an artisit from SW Virginia. According to his bio, he was trained by a ” maverick southern artist named Tedd Blevins. Johnson acquired his BFA from Virginia Intermont College in 1998 and his MFA from E. Tennessee State University in 2006.

His artwork has been displayed at the William King Art center, the Reece Museum on the campus of ETSU, Appalachian Arts Center and now FPAC at Reinhardt University. Johnson currently teaches painting at Tennessee Technical Institute in Cookville, Tennessee.

The collection that is shown at the FPAC is a representation of his  twelve years of work.  his 2004-2014 pieces are displayed in the main lobby. They are a representation of people in the midst of difficult relationships.

Consumption of a Virgin is the name of the above piece. This picture looks like it tells a million stories. When I look at it, I believe that the woman is in an unhappy, possibly abusive marriage. They look like they are in a mattress store and the husband appears to be in charge and presents his relationship as happy. He holds his wife’s hand but the wife is turned around to face us and we can see her true expressions. The lady in the picture may be a virgin and she is unhappy about her decision to be with the man ( hence the name). Johnson has numerous pieces like this but the stories differ and the paintings may possibly be open for interpretation.

This painting by Perry Johnson tells a deep story. A woman and three men are carrying an unconscious man. He could have had too many drinks or worse.. he could be deceased. The subjects demeanor is sad and the painting is extremely dark.

Other paintings by Johnson that were showed in FPAC were subjects from the 19th century. He didn’t just paint random people, each person had a story. Johnson used  egg tempura paint ( paint made from finely ground, dry pigments, egg yolk, and water) in these pieces.  The above painting is probably about a 19th century couple that may be sad about economic or marital problems. I infer that the man and woman are married because even though they are separated, I know they are connected because of the metal line. The man looks grieved and the woman looks depressed.

This piece is literal but there is a meaning because all of Johnson’s paintings tell stories. The objects in this painting are realistic but why are they put together? It probably alludes to Van Gough or The Scream. It could possibly be a symbolism of our society today.

Perry Johnson’s pieces are figurative and realistic. The paintings are overflowing with emotion and tells a novels worth of stories. His paintings makes me realize that there is beauty in the struggle. There were a total of ten pieces but I focused one the ones that stood out to me the most.These pieces will be in FPAC through October for all to enjoy.

Types of Art

Within Reinhardt University’s Art Program, there are various types of art offered. When art majors are seniors, they can showcase and sell these different types of art  that they have learned/ done over the years in the annual art show. If the university likes a particular art piece or photography from a student, it is oftentimes displayed on/ around campus. The different types of art forms offered are

1. Digital Art

This is the newest type of art that allows you to sketch on a computer or tablet. According to statistics, over 79 colleges have the best digital arts program(s) in the United States.  Almost every college/university offers this art form today.


2. Black and White Photography

This is one of the oldest art forms since cameras were invented. Before color, all pictures were in black and white. This art form is still appreciated, and taught here at Reinhardt Universities. There is a dark room where the films for the black and white pictures are developed. The students are taught the art in capturing these pictures, and they look amazing.


3. Sketching

Sketching is one of the basic art forms. In the beginners classes at Reinhardt, the students are asked to draw boxes or draw a room. The students are taught dimensions, and learning this is vital to drawing anything.


4. Oil Painting

I have tried this art form and for a novice, this is hard. It takes a lot of painting and dedication. This class is offered to students who master advanced drawing. I believe painting with water colors is also taught in this course.


5. Ceramics

There is a beginners course as well as an advanced coursed of ceramics/pottery taught at Reinhardt. This art form has been a necessity to people for many generations. Unfortunately, there are no ceramic pieces available for display in the senior art shows.


6. Printmaking

This is simply making artwork by printing. There are nine to eleven different types of printmaking, and the art that is printed is original. The eleven types of printmaking are digital, relief printing, intaglio, drypoint, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, lithography/planography, serigraphy/screen printing, new media and iris print/giclee printing, and print numbering and signing. The types of surfaces or ink that is used is what distinguishes these nine print methods. 3D printing is one of the newest art forms that, I believe, should be taught in university and schools. Through this, entire objects and buildings can be printed.


Intaglio Printmaking

7. Sculpting

I believe that sculpting and ceramics go together, however there is more detail in sculpting. Sculptures can be made from concrete,plaster, wax, wood, dripped paint, latex, clay, human hair ( shocker!), light, and a new one… sound

8. 2D & 3D drawing

2D drawing is flat and focuses on symmetry, like regular sketching. 3D drawing pops out at you. It focuses on depth and space. Examples of 3D drawings include graphic design, animation, architecture, sculpting and metal work.

Alternative photography and mixed media is also a course offered within the art program. Like technology, art is growing and evolving with the times. Knowing about these different art forms and how they can be incorporated in our lives and jobs is profitable as well as exciting.


Reinhardt University has an excellent art program, next to the Funk Heritage Museum. The art museum is popular for its famous senior showcases towards the end of every semester. Different types of art are showcased from sketches to didgital art ( my favorite). This semester I am supposed to focus on one beat/genre, and this is it! Check out this site for blogs and posts about art, events, and many interesting things to come.